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Welcome to Brooklyn , a market-leading underwriting agency for retail insurance brokers in Australia.

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Making you the expert

Brooklyn understands that the primary reason for the existence of specialist underwriting agencies is to add value. Value for our brokers and their clients in everything we do.

We are not just “another insurer”. We know, we must do more. We must make a difference and we must provide our clients with access to the best people, products and technology available in order to ensure every engagement with Brooklyn is meaningful. We’re here to assist to help your business and your clients.

This mandate we call

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Denver Van Gramberg took the time to sit down with and interview our Chairman John Hewson. Here are the amusing and intellectual responses we got. A great insight into a respected public figure…

What is your favourite memory from your childhood?

Receiving a bike for Christmas - unfortunately, since then, I have been told many times to "get on my bike!".

You have a passion for gardening, what tips can you give to fellow 'green thumbs?'

Be bold, but patient.

What is a place of historical significance that you & your wife Jessica have seen together?

British cathedrals, especially Salisbury.

Will Australia always be a two-speed economy & what industry is most important to Australia's future?

No, much of the two-speed has been the result of a misguided monetary policy, with its effect on the $A, compounded by industry/competition policies that don't really seek to maximise our natural and competitive advantages.

How would you invest $10,000?

Very carefully, in today's particularly uncertain and volatile markets, but asset class balance with flexibility is the key.

What is the best sledge you’ve heard in Parliament?

George Houston Reid, ex PM, when heckled about his great belly, "It's all piss and wind. I'll call it after you!"

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career in politics?

Think twice, especially given the very personalised/facile/futile nature of politics today.

What role does Australia play in the world political stage?

We punch above our weight, but often lose sight of our genuine national interest, and of what should be our first line of foreign policy responsibilities, relationships with our near neighbours in Asia and the Pacific.

Is the undermining of a party's leader by sub-factions a healthy part of Australian politics?

No, never.

Do we need to consider paying our politicians a larger salary to attract better candidates?

Probably yes, but only if we could start with a clean slate, having fired most of the existing ones and re-advertising their positions.

Have we seen the last cabinet shuffle within the ALP & how is Australia likely to decide come 14 September?

Hopefully the last reshuffle by Gillard and, if the polls are correct, an Abbott win by 25-35 seats.

You have been described as a business leader who can combine 'gentle guidance' with 'authority.' How have you been able to achieve this?

Focus and hard work, never giving up on the people or ideas.

With a career that's included being an academic & economist, a businessman, a political advisor & politician, & a media figure...What has been your main driving force? And what is your next big challenge?

Survival, and to survive until tomorrow, still with a sense of humour.

Written by Denver Van Gramberg

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Sydney Office

Angel Place, Level 28, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 8270 1790


Brisbane Office

Level 17, Suite 3 66 Eagle Street | Brisbane QLD 4000
Ph: +61 2 8270 1790


Melbourne Office

Level 19, 500 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: +61 2 8270 1790

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GPO Box 4668, Sydney NSW 2001

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Here at Brooklyn we are acutely aware that excellent claims management is absolutely vital for our brokers and their clients when it matters most.

We are your first 'port-of-call' for all claims notifications and we remain present throughout the entire claims process.

Our dedicated claims function will liaise with you and our supporting insurers from the point of claims lodgement right through to final settlement.



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