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Welcome to Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn , a market-leading underwriting agency for retail insurance brokers in Australia.


IT Insurance

Product Description:

Information Technology companies are facing increasing liability challenges and threats. Even the best managed IT companies can find themselves embroiled in legal action from ever demanding customers as the reliance on the products and services provided by IT companies increases.

These liability challenges and threats have increased due to a combination of the following attributes:

  • Ever increasing need to speed product to market;
  • Increased competition in key product and service markets;
  • Increasing customer expectation;
  • The need to export products and services to foreign markets;

These threats and challenges are exacerbated by the following:

  • Increased outsourcing of systems and data;
  • Increase in fixed price long terms contracts;
  • Ever increasing consumer protection legislation.

IT companies can face financial loss threats from the following sources:

  • Due to systems not being delivered within contractual time frames;
  • Due to systems not performing as intended;
  • Arising from software development risk even when the contract has not been completed;
  • Arising from a breach of a third parties Intellectual Property Rights such as copyright, trademark or register design;
  • Arising from loss of data, libel and slander and sub contractors acts.

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New 2015 Wording

Cover Includes (Key Features):

  • Combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability
  • Civil Liability Wording *NEW*
  • Breach of Contract 
  • Breach of Consumer Protection Legislation *NEW*
  • Breach of Intellectual Property Rights (Incl. Patents)
  • Loss of/Damage to Documents/Data
  • Defamation
  • Fraud & Dishonesty of Employees
  • Full Continuous Cover *NEW*
  • Official Enquiry Costs
  • Claims Mitigation Costs
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Joint Venture/Partnerships
  • Court Attendance Costs
  • First Party Data Recovery Expenses *NEW*
  • Run-Off Cover *NEW*
  • Previous Business *NEW*
  • Public Relations Expenses *NEW*
  • Newly Acquired or Created Subsidiaries *NEW*
  • Breach of Warranty *NEW*
  • Tenants Liability
  • Vendors Liability *NEW*
  • Product Recall
  • Advancement of Defence Costs
  • Automatic Reinstatement
  • Inquiry Costs *NEW*
  • Limitation of Liability Contracts *NEW*
  • Broad definition of insured


  • Extended Contractual Liability
  • Fidelity *NEW*
  • Extended Discovery Period *NEW*

Limits Available:

Up to $20,000,000 for Professional Indemnity
Up to $50,000,000 for Public/Products Liability

Occupations Appetite:

  • Data Storage, Data Processing and Data Warehousing
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Hardware Maintenance & Installation Services
  • IT Recruitment and Placement Services
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Network Support
  • IT Project Management
  • SCADA/PLC Services
  • Software Development, Design, Analysis and Programming Services
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Value Added Reselling Services
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Hosting Services

Downloadable Files:

Contact Persons:

Thomas Miller

Underwriter, Professional Risks

Phone: 02 8270 1741

Mobile: 0402 511 494

Email: thomas.miller@brooklynunderwriting.com.au

Louise Soutter

Underwriter, Professional Risks

Phone: 07 3222 9104

Mobile: 0484 621 418

Email: louise.soutter@brooklynunderwriting.com.au

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Brooklyn understands that the primary reason for the existence of specialist underwriting agencies is to add value. Value for our brokers and their clients in everything we do.

We are not just “another insurer”. We know, we must do more. We must make a difference and we must provide our clients with access to the best people, products and technology available in order to ensure every engagement with Brooklyn is meaningful. We’re here to assist to help your business and your clients.

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Here at Brooklyn we are acutely aware that excellent claims management is absolutely vital for our brokers and their clients when it matters most.

We are your first 'port-of-call' for all claims notifications and we remain present throughout the entire claims process.

Our dedicated claims function will liaise with you and our supporting insurers from the point of claims lodgement right through to final settlement.



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